Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Protect Kids California?

Protect Kids California is the group proposing a comprehensive initiative for the California ballot in November 2024.

What are the three initiatives?

Protect Kids of California Act of 2024 will require schools notify parents when their child wants to socially transition in school settings, ensure that girls and women have fair competition by ensuring girls’ athletic programs are for female athletes only and  prevent child sterilization by prohibiting puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or transgender surgeries on minors.

How do you get these initiatives on the ballot?

The Initiative was submitted to Attorney General who then provides a title and summary. Once the Attorney General issues a title and summary signature collection can begin.

How many signatures do you need?

We need 546,651 certified signatures from registered California voters per initiative.

How do I sign?

At the end of November, printable petitions will be available on this website. You can print them at home and mail them in – following the instructions on the Petition page.

Can I get others to sign?

Of course, you can print out the short form or long form printable petition to gather signatures. The long form petition needs a printer that can handle 8.5 by 14 paper. You will need that length paper too.

What is the general timeline?

Signature collection begins at the end of November 2023. We will have 180 days from that time to collect and turn in the required number of signatures. That means by early May.

If these initiatives get on the ballot, how likely are they to pass?

Very. Recent polling suggests 68 percent of California voters support schools notifying parents of kids wanting to socially transition at school; 64 percent of California voters agree student athletes should only play on sports teams matching their biological sex; and 75 percent of California voters agree minors should be protected from puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgeries. Please see supplemental document on polling data.

Some say these initiatives are part of a culture war. Is that the case?

This initiative is rooted in common sense. In no other instance in school settings are secrets kept from parents, especially when a child is struggling. The average male is faster, bigger and stronger than the average female. That reality has been accepted for virtually all of human existence. As far as preventing child sterilization and gender transition, the four systematic reviews of the evidence demonstrate that harms to children outweigh any benefit. Many countries have halted the practice except in research situations because of the lack of efficacy.

California State Senator Scott Wiener labels you right wing, MAGA and bigots. Are you?

We are a non-partisan and non-religious group focused on these important issues a majority of both Democrats and Republicans agree with. Children deserve to reach adulthood with their healthy bodies free of synthetic hormones and with all of their body parts. Girls and women need to have their own sports for safety and fairness, and male bodies should not be present in female spaces. Parents should know when their child is experiencing gender dysphoria to ensure that the child receives the best treatment. Many of the children being transitioned would just grow up to be same sex-attracted if permitted to reach adulthood unmedicalized or affirmed. Many of the children have companion mental health issues such as trauma and autism. Trans-identified people should live with dignify but not at the expense of girls and women. None of these beliefs are rooted in bigotry. Furthermore, it is because of politicians like Scott Wiener we must take these issues directly to the voters.

Aren’t you “outing” the child under the parent notification initiative?

No. Under our proposed initiative, the parent is notified once the child requests from teachers and administration to be referred to as a different name and gender. In essence, the child has already publicly “outed” themselves. Furthermore, as the Supreme Court has upheld, “parents are the best protectors of children and have the natural right and duty for care, custody and control for their child.”

Don’t transgender athletes have a right to compete in sports?

Yes, they have every right. However, athletes born male should compete against boys and men. Females who have worked hard for equal opportunities in athletics should not be stripped away of their rights, opportunities, and safety from biological males. Title IX was enacted to give females the ability to engage in sports.

Activists will claim that there is too great a risk of suicide if children don’t receive “gender affirming care.” Is this true?

The vast majority of children’s gender identity issues resolve when they are allowed to go through uninterrupted puberty and reach maturity. These procedures are permanent, often leading to sterilization. Psychiatrists are reluctant to diagnose children with mental health disorders as their brains aren’t fully developed. Children under 18 aren’t charged with adult crimes. Children can’t buy tobacco products or get tattoos. We can go on and on about the inconsistencies around how we treat children. The bottom line is that adolescence is hard. Children should get the care they need without permanently altering their body. 

Studies show that post-transition, suicidality is markedly increased (19 times higher in Swedish 30-year-study, and 3.5 times higher in the Danish 40-year-study.) Trans-identified children’s suicide risk is the equivalent of other children with mental health issues. No evidence-based study has shown that transitioning a child prevents suicide. In fact, the National Institution of Health study in its first year (2022) reported that 2 of the 315 minors who started hormones, had a team of professionals, were vetted for severe mental health issues, and had parents that supported their transition, tragically killed themselves. This is a more than 40 times the rate of suicide among non-trans-identified minors.